Superintendent Losquadro, Councilwoman Bonner Announce Completion of $2.1-Million Coram Paving Project
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Superintendent Losquadro, Councilwoman Bonner Announce Completion of $2.1-Million Coram Paving Project

Coram, NY – Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro and Councilwoman Jane Bonner have announced the completion of a $2.1 million paving project in a Coram neighborhood.

Superintendent Losquadro (left) and Councilwoman Bonner (right) with residents Claude and Barbara Cuvier on recently-resurfaced Sequoia Drive in Coram.

Prior to paving 18 roadways in a residential neighborhood just east of Patchogue-Mt. Sinai Road, crews cleaned and installed drains and repaired and replaced damaged concrete curbing and aprons. More than 8,490 linear feet of concrete curb and 22,160 square feet of concrete aprons were removed and replaced during this paving project. Roadways resurfaced include: Cape Cod Place, Chesapeake Bay Road, Crater Lake Drive, Daytona Beach Place, Everglades Lane, Glacier Lake Court, Grand Canyon Lane, Gulf Lane, Lake Placid Court, Magic Mountain Drive, Mount Snow Lane, Okemo Court, Puget Sound Court, Sequoia Drive, Sugarbush Lane, Tahoe Court, Yellowstone Court, and Yosemite Lane. 

Superintendent Losquadro said, “The roads in this neighborhood had not been resurfaced for quite some time and were significantly deteriorated. We are more than halfway through our 2021 paving season and we are not slowing down anytime soon.”

Councilwoman Jane Bonner said, “These streets have plenty of traffic throughout the day and since it’s a neighborhood with families and children, safety is a number one priority. I thank Superintendent Losquadro and the men and women of the Highway Department for completing this project so quickly and for everything they do throughout the year.”