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  • Increased local funding for infrastructure by 50 percent over the next 10 years to address road resurfacing, drainage improvements, and sidewalk repairs.
  • Secured over $100 million in grant money to improve safety without placing cost on the taxpayers.
  • Instituted Accountability & Transparency Reformed Past Improper Practices.
  • Brought the Highway Department into compliance with prevailing wage and labor laws.
  • Announced and is currently executing a project to replace all 45,000 street lights to LEDs which will result in a cumulative savings of over $500,000 annually for Brookhaven taxpayers.
  • Replaced old equipment with twelve new dump trucks for plowing snow to ensure Brookhaven’s roads are safe and navigable.
  • Begun testing alternative fuels to help save taxpayers money and reduce the negative environmental impact to Brookhaven.
  • Ended long history of no bid contracts so that taxpayers get the best deal.
  • Supplied road crews with safety equipment that meets State and Federal standards.
  • Expedited the rebuilding of Brookhaven’s natural assets.
  • Aggressive re-construction of Fire Island Boardwalks and Beach Access for our Summer Season.
  • Updated Brookhaven’s emergency management procedures and equipment to better serve residents during times of severe weather and emergencies.
  • Replaced the town’s antiquated paving protocols to provide Brookhaven families with safer, smoother roadways in less time and at a lower cost.
  • Increased the efficiency of Brookhaven’s vehicle fleet, buildings, and streetlights to save taxpayers money and help make Long Island green.
  • Overhauled and modernized the Highway Department to better meet the needs of Brookhaven residents.
  • Purchased a new truck scale to replace the one that was inoperable for years, ensuring that taxpayers receive exactly what they pay for.