Bellport and Patchogue get paved
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Bellport and Patchogue get paved

Brookhaven Town highway superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro and councilman Michael Loguercio have announced the completion of two paving projects in Patchogue and Bellport.

In the first project, Station Road was resurfaced from Woodside Avenue to Montauk Highway, as well as Farber Drive and portions of the Sunrise Service Road. Prior to paving, crews made concrete improvements, including replacing damaged concrete sidewalk, curbing, and aprons. Crews removed and replaced approximately 1,700 linear feet of concrete curb and installed 1,448 linear feet of new curb. They also removed and replaced 920 square feet of concrete sidewalk, 2,405 square feet of ADA-compliant handicap ramps, and 2,480 square feet of concrete aprons at a cost of approximately $218,000. The total cost for this project was approximately $1.1 million.

In the second paving project, nine roadways in a residential East Patchogue neighborhood were resurfaced at a cost of approximately $463,000. Roads paved include: Caitlyn Way, Corbin Avenue, Down Court, Dutch Court, Gregs Street, Knot Street, Kristina Street, Redlef Street and Sandra Drive.

“Station Road is a major artery and its resurfacing was much needed,” said Losquadro. “The paving of the Patchogue roadways completes the infrastructure improvements to that entire neighborhood, which we have been resurfacing in stages over several paving seasons.”