Superintendent Losquadro, Councilwoman Bonner and Congressman Zeldin Announce the Completion of 1.165 million dollar Stormwater Treatment and Shoreline Stabilization Project in Rocky Point

Rocky Point, NY – Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro, Councilwoman Jane Bonner and United States Congressman Lee Zeldin recently announced the completion of a $1.165-million storm water treatment and shoreline stabilization project at the northern terminus of Broadway in Rocky Point. The completion of this project marks the last of 10 shoreline stabilization projects completed by the Brookhaven Highway Department under Superintendent Losquadro following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

In October 2012, during Hurricane Sandy’s immense tidal surges and violent wind, the Broadway Beach facility sustained extensive damages including substantial sand, beach grass and vegetation erosion, as well as the destruction of the gabion-basket wall system, the beach access stairway and the concrete walkway.

In order to reduce risk of damage from future storm events, the gabion-basket walls were completely removed and replaced with steel bulkhead for toe of slope stability and an armor stone revetment wall. The bulkhead—which now protects areas of the bluff that have experienced significant levels of erosion in the past—has a much longer life span than the gabion-basket walls and will better protect the drainage infrastructure and shoreline from high storm surges, nor’easters and hurricanes. A new drainage system and storm water treatment unit were also designed and incorporated into this project, ensuring that polluted storm water is not directly discharged into the Long Island Sound.

This work was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Program for 90% reimbursement of the total project cost of $1,165,000.

Integral in this effort, Congressman Zeldin helped secure a total of $4.5 million in FEMA grants to enable the Brookhaven Highway Department to complete ten critical stormwater revitalization projects.

“Congressman Zeldin was incredibly helpful in securing the funding for this project and the nine other surface water quality protection projects the Highway Department has completed since I took office in March of 2013,” said Superintendent Losquadro.  “The federal funding enabled us to utilize our local funding to its fullest extent for our ongoing road and drainage work. The completion of this project will ensure that we are less vulnerable to damage from future storms.”

In addition to this shoreline stabilization and water quality protection project, the Brookhaven Highway Department has completed over $6 million in similar projects at the following locations:

  • Gully Landing Road, Miller Place— Total Cost: $1.4 million; 90% funded by FEMA
  • Shore Road and Amagansett Drive, Sound Beach—Total Cost: $1.3 million; $233,651 FEMA funded
  • Friendship Beach, Rocky Point-- Total Cost: $1,045,648; 90% FEMA funded
  • Hallock Landing Road, Rocky Point – Total Cost: $996,829; 90% funded by FEMA
  • Sills Gully Beach, Shoreham- Total Cost: $875,000; 90% FEMA funded
  • Riverhead Drive, Sound Beach-- Total Cost: $239,210; 90% FEMA funded
  • Landing Road, Miller Place-- Total Cost: $145,845.00; 90% FEMA funded
  • Woodhull Landing Beach, Sound Beach— Total Cost: $70,000
  • Hagerman Landing Road, Rocky Point—Total Cost: $43,572

Councilwoman Bonner said, “In 2012, the north shore was battered by Super Storm Sandy and left vulnerable to more erosion and stormwater runoff into the Long Island Sound. These projects were very costly, but thanks to Congressman Zeldin, the funding was secured. It allowed Superintendent Losquadro to move forward and complete the work in a very timely manner.” 

Congressman Zeldin said, “Working closely with leadership at Brookhaven Town, including Highway Superintendent Losquadro and Councilwoman Bonner, we were able to secure the funding needed to complete this vital project - 90% of the over $1 million coming from federal FEMA funds. Thanks to the hard work of Superintendent Losquadro, Councilwoman Bonner and all those working together at every level of government, this project has now been completed, bolstering our area's storm resiliency, preventing future water damage while returning Long Islanders' hard-earned tax dollars to our communities.”

Bob Leonard, president of the North Shore Beach Property Owners Association, said, “This project at Broadway Beach came out better than I expected. The Town did a great job for both the environment and the North Shore Beach Property Owners Association. It’s a win-win situation.”