Superintendent Losquadro and Councilman Loguercio Announce Paving of Granny Road in Coram Medford

Coram/Medford, NY – Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro and Councilman Michael Loguercio have announced the completion of a $200,000 paving project on Granny Road from Route 112 in Coram to Mill Road in Medford. 

Caption: Superintendent Losquadro and Councilman Loguercio on Granny Road Road in Medford.

Prior to paving, crews inspected and cleaned all drains along Granny Road and modified the existing bicycle lanes which were repainted after resurfacing. In addition to Granny Road, Pleasant Avenue and Prospect Avenue in Medford were also resurfaced during this paving project.

Superintendent Losquadro said, “Granny Road is a heavily traveled thoroughfare in Brookhaven. It now provides a much smoother, safer ride to drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.”

Councilman Loguercio said, “This road connects two major thoroughfares on its north and south ends, that are used daily by not only the residents of the neighborhoods that it bisects, but also by those who attend and work at two large schools. Thank you Superintendent Losquadro for making this a priority, completing the project prior to school opening.”