Sound Beach, NY – The Brookhaven Highway Department has begun working on a project in Sound Beach that will prevent stormwater runoff from entering the Long Island Sound and redirect it into a newly constructed recharge basin. When the scope of work is completed, additional drainage structures installed along Amagansett Drive, Shore Drive and at the intersection of Brookhaven Drive and Shore Drive will improve the interception of stormwater runoff and create a positive drainage system connected to the newly constructed recharge basin east of Amagansett Drive.

In the Sound Beach stormwater drainage area at Amagansett Drive and Shore Drive, the drainage outfall pipe extending from the bluff which empties into the Long Island Sound was badly damaged during Superstorm Sandy. When the pipe was compromised water flowed directly onto, and destabilized, the bluff threatening property damage to homes located above.

Shortly after Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losqudro took office in 2013, his Department did extensive work to repair the pipe and stabilize the bluff face. The Highway Department is now moving forward with the construction of a recharge basin just east of Amagansett Drive. This solution will mitigate the problem, prevent further destabilization to the bluff and any costly repairs to the outfall pipe in the future.

“Once the recharge basin is complete we will block off water from running into the outfall pipe, eliminating future maintenance costs and saving taxpayer dollars” said Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro. “This project will also prevent stormwater from flooding the beach at this location and entering the Long Island Sound.”

“I am very proud to sponsor the resolution that awarded the bid for this project,” said Councilwoman Jane Bonner. “This is one of many projects Superintendent Losquadro and I have planned for the North Shore.”