Brookhaven Highway Department Upgrades Town Streetlights to LED

Brookhaven, NY – The energy-efficient street light conversion program undertaken by the Brookhaven Highway Department last year is in full swing. To date, crews have replaced nearly 11,000 fixtures with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) street lights, saving the Town approximately $500,000 in electricity costs this year alone.

Caption: A Brookhaven Highway Department employee replaces a Town streetlight with an LED fixture.


Since October, crews have been working to replace the nearly 45,000 lights across the Town, at a pace of approximately 1,000 lights a month. “We are on course to meet our goal,” said Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro. “By the end of 2020, we will have replaced every high and low pressure sodium light in the Town.”


The LED lights are up to 60 percent more efficient, have an estimated life of up to 20 years, a ten-year warranty, and require less maintenance, Losquadro said. Due to the decreased maintenance, he said he anticipates increasing the pace of replacements as more lights are converted to LED.


“This is real, recurring savings,” Losquadro said. “Even with the increase in electric rates, we have managed to bring our costs down year over year since 2014.” Since the Highway Department began converting to LED lights in 2014, yearly electric savings have decreased from $3.2 million to approximately $2.6 million, with a projected cost of just over $2 million for 2019.


In 2014, the Brookhaven Highway Department replaced all of the traffic lights throughout the Town with LED-fixtures.