Miller Place, NY – The Brookhaven Highway Department has completed a stormwater runoff project at the northern end of Landing Road in Miller Place that will protect adjacent homeowners from property damage and impede stormwater runoff from entering into the Long Island Sound. Superstorm Sandy caused severe damage at this location, washing away sand, beach grass and damaging the gabion wall system used to collect stormwater runoff sediment and slow down the flow of water headed toward the Sound.

“Water always flows to the lowest lying area and the northern end of Landing Road receives a lot of stormwater runoff because it is positioned lower than the rest of the street,” said Highway Superintendent Daniel P. Losquadro.

The gabion wall at the end of Landing Road was previously filled with sediment, preventing water from penetrating through, consequently creating pooling and making it a potential breeding ground for mosquitos. “This project is well designed and addresses issues ranging from erosion to standing water and stormwater runoff,” Superintendent Losquadro continued.

Deputy Superintendent of Highways Steve Tricarico, who is responsible for both the Highway budget as well as project oversight, added “it was a priority of this Administration to allocate the necessary funding to move this important road ending project to completion and provide much needed relief and protection to the community.”

In order to prevent stormwater runoff from entering the Long Island Sound, a retention system was built at the end of Landing Road. This consisted of using recycled stones from the existing gabions and utilizing them as a foundation that will assist in absorbing stormwater runoff energy. A secondary protection layer of gabions was also installed to protect the area during intense storm events. Beach grass was also planted as a third layer of protection, assisting in stabilizing the soil.

"This is one of many beach ending restorations that the Town has completed this year in the aftermath of damage caused by Super Storm Sandy," said Councilwoman Jane Bonner who represents Council District 2. “I thank Superintendent Losquadro and the Highway Department for working to get this project done before the summer season and I look forward to working with him toward the completion of more projects in the near future."